Italian Modern Artisan Chocolate: The Agostoni famly passion for over sixty years.


Chocolate that has been produced from the bean in a responsible way

Agostoni is one of very few companies in the world that can guarantee the control of the entire production process. Agostoni follows best manufacturing practices and adheres to strict regulatory standards including BRC Global Food Safety Standards.

Cocoa Bean Testing
Sample testing: 4-stage test on beans. For organic and specific origins, testing a sample collected from every bag in every container.

Cocoa Liquor Testing

17-factor, 5-person flavor panel test run 2 times (on rough-grind lab liquor and again in tank samples).

New Product Development Mini Plant

Replica small industrial machines ensure experimental batch chocolate will scale up in production with precise flavor, quality results.

Dedicated Bean Warehousing Separate building + advanced pneumatic systems to ensure gentle handling (no broken beans) and zero dirt contamination in Cocoa Processing Hall.

Cocoa Bean Processing (Production of Liquor, Powder and Butter)

  • 3-stage sterilization (steam, then infra-red, steam again)
  • Air pressure controlled winnowing = no shell debris
  • Roasting individual bean types by batch for best development of total flavor potential
  • Liquor – 3-stage milling for exact control (down to 10-15 microns, depending on recipe)
  • Liquor storage: dedicated tanks for organic, FT, conventional, alkalized and non-alkalized
  • 3 presses for cocoa powder and butter production

Cocoa Powder Secondary Processing
Atmosphere protected, continuous tempering flow for outstanding color control, shelf stability

Mixing, Conching, Refining
Dedicated lines separate dark from milk & white and precise control of parameters on timing, micron fineness, etc.

Inclusion Quality Control
Total quality review of organic inclusions. Manual per-case inspection, testing, sieving and repacking. In-house metal detection system for secondary quality control.

Molding Lines
Depositor and Shell Molding Facilities Bars, Cioccolatini, Filled Molded Items, etc.

Packaging Lines
Flow wrap, thermo-seal, premium bars cartons, gift box, multi-bar packing, etc.

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