Italian Modern Artisan Chocolate: The Agostoni famly passion for over sixty years.


2017 National Restaurant Association Show

2017 National Restaurant Association Show(Chicago, May 2017)
Café owners, food service operators and restaurateurs gathered at the Global Organics booth to sample Agostoni’s Italian organic chocolate and cocoa. Attendees sampled a rich chocolate beverage made with premium Agostoni organic cocoa powder. This delicious chocolaty mixture could be used for either sipping or dipping. Culinary professionals also sampled from the gourmet selection of organic chocolate couvertures available in food service size packaging.


2017 Natural Products Expo West

2017 Natural Products Expo West(Anaheim, March 2017)
Agostoni organic cocoa powder, chocolate couvertures, chocolate chips and chocolate chunks were front and center at Global Organics’ booth at this year’s Expo West. Attendees were invited to sample mini brownies topped with chocolaty frosting made with Agostoni’s Dark Dutch Cocoa Powder. Global Organics celebrated their 25th anniversary by giving out chocolate bars handcrafted with Agostoni’s San Primo 60% Dark Chocolate.


2016 Natural Products Expo East and Philadelphia National Candy, Gift and Gourmet Show

2016 National Restaurant Show(Philadelphia, September 2016)
These two popular autumn shows together drew over 28,000 attendees and those who visited the Global Organics booth had the opportunity to experience the superior quality of Agostoni chocolate. At Expo East, two new Agostoni chocolate concepts were introduced, chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar and a chocolate suitable for vegans made with rice milk. The Philadelphia Candy Show attendees sampled fruity and delicious Organic Dark 70% couvertures, which were made from cocoa beans sourced in Peru, that are Fairtrade Certified.


2016 National Restaurant Show

2016 National Restaurant Show(Chicago, May 2016)
This year’s NRA brought chefs, chocolatiers and restaurant, café and bakery owners to the Global Organics booth to sample desserts and snacks made with genuine Italian-crafted chocolate by Agostoni.

Thumps up were given to the biscotti coated with Organic Monte Bianco white chocolate, butter cookies dipped in San Primo organic dark 60% chocolate and chocolate bark made with a fair trade organic dark 70% chocolate with no added soy emulsifier (great for vegan products).


2016 Natural Products Expo West

2016 Winter Fancy Food Show(Anaheim, March 2016)
Natural Products Expo West set an all time record this year with 77,000 attendees. The Global Organics booth was busy with people trying Agostoni’s premium non-GMO and organic chocolate. Many tasters who professed they didn’t like white chocolate were amazed by Agostoni’s Monte Bianco white chocolate with its creamy texture and rich vanilla and eggnog-like flavor. The full array of semi-finished products was on display including cocoa butter, powder and chocolate liquor.


2016 Winter Fancy Food Show

2016 Winter Fancy Food Show(San Francisco, January 2016)
Agostoni Chocolate joined the excitement at this year’s Fancy Food Show and met with food artisans and entrepreneurs interested in premium non-GMO and organic chocolate couvertures, chips, chunks, and cocoa.

Chocolatiers, pastry chefs, and chocolate buyers sampled an array of Agostoni single origin chocolates including chocolates from Madagascar, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. With the growing popularity of white chocolate, Agostoni featured their Bellagio white chocolate, which has a rich dairy flavor, rounded with vanilla and caramel.


Natural Products Expo East

Natural Products Expo East(Baltimore, September 2015)
Over 25,000 people attended Natural Products Expo East, the largest organic and natural food and beverage event on the east coast.

Global Organics’ booth visitors enjoyed a selection of expertly crafted truffles made with Agostoni chocolate, including a Meyer lemon white chocolate truffle featuring Monte Bianco organic white chocolate, a creamy gianduia ganache truffle featuring gianduia hazelnut and Finissimo organic milk chocolate, and a rich dark chocolate truffle featuring Tremezzo organic dark chocolate.


2015 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo

2015 IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo(Chicago, July 2015)
Food professionals from all over the globe gathered in Chicago for the Institute of Food Technologists' 75th Annual Meeting and Expo.
The Global Organics’ booth was busy with attendees tasting a variety of organic chocolate ingredients including Agostoni Chocolate's new Organic Dark 70% Chocolate Chips made without emulsifier for food processors who are looking to avoid soy.

Also available for sampling were Organic Dark Chocolate Chunks with 70% cocoa and Organic Monte Bianco White Chocolate known for its rich dairy flavor and fragrance of vanilla.


National Restaurant Show

National Restaurant Show(Chicago, May 2015)
The 96th National Restaurant Show, the largest restaurant and foodservice show in the U.S., was held in Chicago, May 16-19, with 63,000 registrants.
Agostoni Chocolate invited attendees to taste premium single estate and single origin chocolate couvertures and their most popular organic chocolate, San Primo Dark 60%. Food service operators had high praise for the Agostoni’s well-balanced and exceptionally rich semi-finished chocolate.


Natural Products Expo West

Natural Products Expo West(Anaheim, March 2015)
Decades of Ethical Sourcing was the theme of the Agostoni Chocolate display at the recent Expo in Anaheim, California.
Sourcing cocoa beans direct from farmer cooperatives in the Dominican Republic and Peru was highlighted.
Attendees sampled Organic Monte Bianco White Chocolate and Organic Single Origin Peru Dark 70% Chocolate as well as luscious Gianduia Chocolate made with hazelnut and chocolate paste.


The International Restaurant and Food Service Show of New York

The International Restaurant and Food Service Show of New York(New York City, March 2015)
The Javits Center in New York City was hopping with restaurant owners, chefs and food service operators looking for new products and culinary creations.
The Agostoni Chocolate booth delighted attendees with samples of single origin chocolate couvertures from Ecuador, Madagascar and Peru.
Also featured were two dark chocolates with 75% cocoa content and intense flavors, from single estates in the Dominican Republic.



Winter Fancy Food ShowApril 2015 - ICAM will be one of the leading companies at the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster in EXPO Milano 2015: a worldwide ambassador for Italian excellence in the art of chocolate-making that will take visitors on a journey to the cocoa lands.
The venue is a dedicated space at the Chocolate Italian Districts pavilion, set aside specially for parts of Italy that boast a high-quality chocolate-making tradition (Turin in Piedmont, Perugia in Umbria and Modica in Sicily).

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Winter Fancy Food Show

Winter Fancy Food Show(San Francisco, January 11-13, 2015, Booth 4840)
The West Coast’s largest specialty food and beverage show took place January 11-13. The Agostoni Chocolate booth attracted many visitors who tasted an array of fine chocolate ingredients.
Samples included two single estate chocolates from the Dominican Republic, Los Palmaritos Dark 75% and Los Vasquez Dark 75%; their distinct flavor profiles representative of the land where the beans were cultivated, either mountains or shaded valleys.
Chefs were excited to hear about Agostoni’s direct sourcing programs in both Central/South America and East Africa and how the Agostoni program benefits the people in those farming communities.


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Natural Products Expo East

Philadelphia National Candy(September 2014) The Natural Products Expo show in Baltimore, MD brought together more new exhibitors, more new products and more attendees (23,000) than ever before. The Organic Trade Association holds its annual awards celebration in conjunction with the show. The dinner was capped off with a delicious Tiramisu dessert made with layers of Agostoni® Monte Bianco Organic White Chocolate.


130th Philadelphia National Candy, Gift & Gourmet Show

Philadelphia National Candy(September 2014) Held September 7-9, this show helps confectioners keep up with “what’s new” in raw materials, equipment and package design in the candy industry. Show attendees sampled Agostoni’s Single Origin Peru Dark 70% chocolate, a well-balanced chocolate with the flavor of fine cocoa and red fruit, which is great for molding and ganache. Organic milk and white chocolate couvertures received high praise from chocolatiers who were also happy to learn that certified organic also means non-GMO.


Retail Confectioners International, June 16-20, 2014

Retail Confectioners International(June, 2014) At the Retail Confectioners International's 94th Annual Convention & Industry Expo, attendees were invited to taste 'Dipped Delights' featuring Agostoni® Gianduia Chocolate. The creamy hazelnut-chocolate wafers were first enrobed in a bitter-sweet blend of Organic San Primo Dark 60% and Organic Tremezzo Dark 70% Chocolate and then sprinkled with caramel bits. The result was a well-rounded treat that had it all: intense cocoa flavor, sweet crunchy caramel, and a roasted hazelnut finish.


2014 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo

IFT Annual Meeting(June, 2014) The Institute of Food Technologists met mid-June in New Orleans, Louisiana. Product developers from the food industry and academia visited the Global Organics’ booth to sample Agostoni® chocolate-coconut mini sandwiches featuring Organic San Primo Dark 60% and Organic Monte Bianco White chocolate. Premium chocolate chips and chunks for use in baking and cereal applications were also showcased.


National Restaurant Association Expo May 17-19, 2014 (Booth No. 3398)

National Restaurant Association Restaurant(May, 2014) The 95th annual National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show® had a record number of attendees this year from 50 states and over 100 countries. Attendees had the opportunity to taste decadent dipped confections made by chocolatier Ellane Pirotte. Agostoni® Gianduia Chocolate couvertures were enrobed in Single Origin Peru Dark 70% Chocolate and topped with caramel bits to create a sweet, nutty, chocolate filled delight! Other chocolate couvertures sampled included Chiara Milk 33%, Bittra Dark 60% and Organic Tremezzo Dark 70% and Organic Finissimo Milk 32%.


Agostoni Chocolate at the City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival

Candy Industry(March, 2014) Agostoni Chocolate was featured at the 22nd Annual City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival in New York City. Throughout the month of February, City Bakery offered creative hot chocolate drinks made with Agostoni chocolate, dark and milk. A different flavor was featured every day and combinations ranged from banana peel hot chocolate to chili pepper hot chocolate.


Candy Industry Cover Story - Transitioning to 3G

Candy Industry(March, 2014) Agostoni was featured in the March 2014 issue of Candy Industry Magazine. The article highlighted the new production facility in Orsenigo, Italy and the third-generation family members who are taking up the challenge of producing and selling incredible chocolate.

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Natural Products Expo West

Candy Industry(March, 2014) Chocolate creations by chocolatier Ellane Pirotte were featured at the 2014 Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA in March. Attendees were treated with samples of premium Organic San Primo 60% chocolate with cinnamon and red pepper, coconut chocolate sandwiches made with Organic Monte Bianco white chocolate, and gianduia with puffed flax.


International Restaurant and Food Service Show of NY

Candy Industry(March, 2014) The International Restaurant and Food Service Show held in New York City in March was busy with attendees sampling the Agostoni organic chocolate line. The show attracted thousands of bakers and chefs and other food professionals from across all segments: restaurants, bakers, hospitals, hotels and commercial foodservice operations.


Winter Fancy Food Show January

Candy Industry(January, 2014) The Specialty Food Association’s Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, California attracted over 18,000 attendees including chocolatiers and food service operators. Global Organics, Agostoni’s exclusive importer of cocoa and chocolate ingredients for North America, highlighted Agostoni’s food service line that includes couvertures, chips and chunks in dark, milk, white and gianduia chocolate in 8 lb bags.


Corriere della Sera - Proud to be Italian

Candy Industry(December, 2013) Agostoni Chocolate Company featured in the November 2014 insert of the Corriere della Sera, one of the most popular Italian daily newspapers. The article recognized the Italian company as an example of excellence, development and competitiveness in the Italian panorama.

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Tecnofood International Edition - State-of-the-art in the Chocolate sector

Candy Industry(September, 2013) Icam, the historical chocolate company – chocolate makers since 1946 – introduces their new factory in Orsenigo, a jewel of technology and innovative solutions able to obtain infinite variety of products, getting better all the time...

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Candy Industry Cover Story – Italy's Modern Artisans

Candy Industry(November, 2010) — A leader in organic and certified chocolates, the Agostoni family commits to the future by investing in a state-of-the-art €50-million facility in Orsenigo, Italy…

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Agostoni Chocolate Showpiece Inspiration - Competition Winners from Segip 2010 in Rimini Italy

(January, 2010) - Agostoni Chocolate's parent company ICAM SpA hosted some of Italy's hottest rising confectionary stars to show their most innovative chocolate work during Europe's premier event for gelato, confectionary and baking artisans…

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Press releases

Agostoni Chocolate and Ganeden Biotech Launch Private Label Probiotic Chocolates for OTC-Supplement Buyers

(March 10, 2011) — Joint Product Development Project Delivers Unique Probiotic-Enhanced Chocolates in Size and Packaging Options Optimized for Supplement Category.

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Agostoni Family Launches Food Service Offering in North America

(March 10, 2011) — Modern Artisan Chocolate-Making Ethos Plus Strong Cocoa Sourcing Relationships Give Food Service Professionals Unique Range of Flavor Profiles, Excellent Price-To-Quality

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Agostoni Chocolate Food Service Products Confirmed to be Free of Ivory Coast-Sourced Cocoa

(February 17, 2011) — Due to traceability procedures implemented along our supply chain, ICAM SpA is able to confirm that all products manufactured and sold under the AGOSTONI brand for food service in North America do not contain any cocoa beans from Ivory Coast…

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Ganeden Biotech and Agostoni Chocolate Announce Private Label Probiotic Chocolates

(August 25, 2010) — Innovative private label chocolate program gives store brand managers functional snack offer that hits on two hot consumer categories: probiotics and premium chocolate...

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Agostoni Family, Leaders in European Premium Private Label Chocolate, Expand to Service North America

(May 18, 2010) —Farm–to–Bar producer of award–winning chocolate for leading European retailers offers unique Organic, Origins, and Fair Trade product options...

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