Italian Modern Artisan Chocolate: The Agostoni famly passion for over sixty years.


Agostoni Foodservice: premium quality for chocolatiers, chefs and culinary professionals

Agostoni provides chefs and culinary professionals in North America with a premium quality line of foodservice chocolate that has been tested and approved by chocolatiers throughout Europe for over a decade. Agostoni’s unique flavor profile is carefully crafted from high quality cocoa beans, processed in-house to produce the cocoa liquor, butter and powder used in all semi-finished chocolate products.

Since the beginning, our actions have been guided by a deep ethical commitment. We build long-lasting partnerships based on respect, dialog and transparency. Agostoni’s Equal Partner Direct Buying program respects the autonomy of farmers while creating a shared commitment to sustainable agricultural practices, improved quality and yield and fair purchase prices.

To get more info about our products, click here and download the Agostoni Gourmet Selection Catalogue for Foodservice