Italian Modern Artisan Chocolate: The Agostoni famly passion for over sixty years.


The Agostoni Gourmet selection: premium quality for chocolate professionals

Developed in collaboration with high level experts and Master Pastry Chefs, these exquisite products have been field tested by European culinary customers for more than 10 years. Agostoni Chocolate is made with natural ingredients, ethical sourcing, and traceable processing from farm to finished chocolate; these chocolates feature unique South and Central American cocoa purchased through the Agostoni Equal Partner direct buying program, in place in key origins since 1980. 
The exclusive Agostoni – signature flavor profile is carefully crafted from superior fermented raw cocoa beans processed in-house to produce the cocoa liquor, butter and powder found in all products. The result is a superb premium quality value, balancing highest production and flavor with a final price that is fair to all stakeholders: you the customer, Agostoni the producer and our Equal Partner farming partners.

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