Italian Modern Artisan Chocolate: The Agostoni famly passion for over sixty years.

About Us

Agostoni family’s story: the passionate pursuit of excellence in raw materials quality, trading partner equity, precision processing and—ultimately—delicious chocolate

ICAM chocolate is the result of the undying passion handed down by the Agostoni family since 1946, virtuosos of a genuine chocolate culture made in Italy.

Passion, creativity and a close eye on market trends have made it possible to achieve this goal: for 70 years these have represented the essence of ICAM, a well known and successful brand with the best professionals all over the world, that cherish the flavour of its chocolate and the quality of the raw materials, grown in respect of environment, social and economic sustainability.

Born from the initiative of Silvio Agostoni who, just after the war, established an artisanal workshop in Lecco to produce sugar, Icam immediately developed an interest in chocolate which was considered no longer a luxury product, but a quality product at an accessible price, to bring to every family. Thanks to the collaboration with Vitali, Icam created an innovative horizontal press that gave a more ef cient and uniform production. Ten years after its establishment, Icam reached industrial dimensions.

In 1961 the founder died prematurely; his wife Carolina Vanini and her brothers Giancarlo and Urbano continued to run the company and the program of excellence. From the Seventies, with the arrival of the eldest son Angelo Agostoni in the company, Icam started searching cocoa in the best plantations developing a close collaboration with the farmers. In the Eighties Icam opened an in-house Quality Control laboratory and production technologies continued to be improved.


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